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Introducing Rewards for Honour System

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ESG_The_Joker #1 Posted 07 June 2017 - 07:09 AM


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Hi Cynical Silicon,


I would like to share some ideas for the Honour System. While players with low military honour and high amount of complaints supposedly get some kinds of punishment (like many AFK complaints), there isn't much incentive for players to try and achieve a high military honour (5 stars) apart from the fact that the purple 5 stars look nice on their profile.


Perhaps you can introduce a "season" for military honour. Every 2 weeks/a month the military honour resets and you get rewards based on the number of stars you received the previous season. And, you can only receive rewards if you have a minimum of 3 -5 stars. Let's just say

3 Stars -  10k credits, 5k Spare Parts

4 Stars -  20k credits, 10k Spare Parts

5 Stars -  50k credits, 20k Spare Parts


While the rewards aren't much for players, it's still nice to receive rewards for performing well and being polite. I am aware such a system isn't perfect- it's open to abuse from trollers but perhaps WG can implement and improve a better version of this.




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iNugget #2 Posted 07 June 2017 - 10:26 AM

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I haven't play for a month but I found out that one of the updates will remove all equipments but will give us parts. So one day I went back and show that i had 1.3MILLION PARTS. Should I be happy? that's little right?


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So I should YOLO right? :trollface:

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