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Buff is require in premium ammo of Light Tanks

Light Tanks Premium Ammo Update 3.9 APCR

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ankitp #1 Posted 24 May 2017 - 02:09 AM


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As we all know that update 3.9 has bring nerf in the premium shells which is actually a good thing because many players used to fire APCR shells only even though they can pen the armor with AP shell. However, I think this idea is not good for the light tanks. 


  • Light tanks don't have a decent armor like MTs and HTs so basically they cannot rely upon armor.
  • Not all the Light Tanks have a decent speed. Even some MTs perform well in mobility than few LTs. 
  • LTs could on rely upon its fire power despite of being aware of that some LTs like A-20's gun is not so accurate while firing on the move when the speed is around 50-60.


Even LTTB has got a good speed but its gun is also not accurate if you shoot on move. Now we have got a nerf in premium shells. So light tanks cannot rely upon fire power then what is the use of a light tank? 


  • No decent armor
  • No decent firepower
  • Only a decent speed!!!!!


Say like I used to drive A-20 and when facing M3 Lee from front I had to use APCR shells as pen it from front is not possible quiet and trying to cover it from besides and back isn't possible when surrounded by other enemy players. And while fighting in a battle of tier 4 and 5, it was a fair battle as I could able to head on with Leo and T-34 medium tank with APCR shells. Because of a new equipment system, many have increased their hull and turret armor and hence it became impossible to pen T-34 with one lower tier LT using AP shell before update 3.8 got released. After that, I had to use APCR only and was able to take the T-34 out of the battle but after getting a nerf, it seems quiet impossible!


So I think producers should think twice on this! It is adjustable with HTs and MTs but not with LTs and even with TDs too as some TDs have a paper armor and TDs already got nerfed in previous update so getting a nerf another time makes it more vulnerable.


I hope in the next update you will revert the changes for at least LTs.

CynicalSilicon #2 Posted 24 May 2017 - 06:08 AM


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Hi ankitp,


Please have a look at the article which came out related to the premium shells as it specifically mentions Light Tanks.

We will be watching the impact on game play and battle dynamics and will take action if we see major issues.


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