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Cops & Robbers

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Teucer #1 Posted 01 May 2017 - 02:25 PM


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Cops & Robbers is a custom game in Training rooms where you can spend your time with. This custom game requires skills and patience to be good at it. These are the rules and guidelines of this custom mode ;


(1). What to do?


In Cops & Robbbers the main goal of the room is to ram all the robbers until they all lose their HP (all robbers are required to do their best to avoid the rams of the cops).


(2). Tiers


Robbers -> Tiers 1 - 4 or Tiers 1 - 5. 


The reason why robbers are Tiers 1 - 4 is because they need to be lighter than the cops.


Cops -> Tiers 5 - 10 or Tiers 5 - 10 


Cops should be heavier than robbers so they can ram the robbers without so much effort done.


(3). Rules


No Shoot - No Hide & Climb (optional) - No Swim (optional) - No Cap - Fast Tanks Only - Violators will be immidiatly get killed and kicked. 


Some host in Cops & Robbers rooms are allowing Hide, Climb and Swim because the robbers are using their size and horsepower advantage, but in my opinion, it is pretty unfair for the cops to see a robber hiding / climbing in a spot that they can't reach. 




(1). Pro Robbers?


Pro Robbers?  What are they?


Well, Pro Robbers are the robbers seems to be very difficult to be caught and rammed. 


(Most of them are using a stock turret luchs)


(2). Pro Cops?


Pro Cops? What are they? 


Well, Pro Cops are the cops that are cops that seems to be very difficult to out manuever and usually results to getting rammed and dying


(3) Tank Reccomdations.


For Robbers:

- Luchs (stock turret)


For Cops:

-T6 Dracula

-Ru 251


-Leopard 1

-VK 28.01


- - - - -


Thats all ladies & gents.

Thank you for reading :D

                    Teucer [DDP]



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