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Common Mistakes made by the newbie tanker (and how to avoid them)

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LightninWar #1 Posted 24 March 2017 - 07:46 AM

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Hello Fellow Tankers!


As I've been grinding and grinding a lot in my newer account, I can't help but notice how many players are committing simple mistakes (and paying a huge price for it). Here are the common mistakes made by the below average and newer players. If you do these mistakes, please do avoid them in the future, as these mistakes lead to less damage done, more damage done to your tank and an unhappy team. As that's all said and done, let's continue to the mistakes done by the newer players


Common Mistake #1

Going to the opposite flank with no support

-This is a common mistake seen in lower tiers, mid tiers, and for some reason, high tiers. Going to the opposite flank is suicide for the tanker who does it. This is commonly done by Heavies who think they're smarter than the team or lights who flank way too early into the match.


How to avoid this common mistake


DO for every tank class

 - Take a look at the mininap (on the top left corner of the screen or if in PC, on the bottom corner of the screen) and watch where most of your force is going. 

- Make sure your team is supported despite only owning one flank


DO for Heavies/ Heavily armored TDs

- Avoid and I repeat AVOID going anywhere without any kind of support. 

A lone heavily armoured machine is useless without its team despite the fact that you have armor that can take hits. Just because you have a strong armour profile does not mean you have to tank a flank alone. Your hitpoints is important and you should only use it when its needed. 

Remember that you should always try to tank for your team. As long as you are taking hits for your team and not for yourself, you are contributing.


DO for Lights and Mediums

- Just because you have the speed to get to the sides of the enemy does not mean you should always do it whenever possible. Going to a flank alone without your teammates is suicide. You do not have the armour nor the alpha damage to hold a flank. Remember to always have at least one teammate or a platoonmate by your side if you're taking a flank. If the opposing force is higher than what you can hold, pull back and fight from another angle.



- go alone unsupported in any tank

- call your team names for not supporting you for going into a flank that can be easily be taken by the enemy 



Common Mistake #2


- This is commonly seen in LTs. They push forward, push hard, push too hard and die without contributing anything to the team. This is done by most newer players in BT tanks thinking that their speed is enough to avoid taking damage. Can be also seen by heavily armoured tank drivers who think their armour can save them. It's generally the worst mistake a tanker can do at the start of a match and should be avoided every battle.


How to avoid this common mistake


DO for Lights/Meds

use your speed to get to a key position in the map

- use your mobility in order to spot and shoot lone targets


DO for Heavies/Heavily armoured TDs

- use your armour for tanking and taking hits for those who can't

- not push forward if the enemy is focused on you and the rest of the team is not ready for a push

- push forward if everyone is ready for a big heavy/TD push


DONT for Lights/Meds

- use your speed in order to suicide scout the enemy team

- blame the team for not going with you in your suicide scout adventure


DONT for Heavies/Heavily armoured TDs

- use your armour push forward recklessly

- call your team a bunch of cowards when they don't oush

- push onto the opponents without any fire support


Common Mistake #3

The Camper

- Seen in some mid tier and high tier games and seen commonly on low tier games, this mistake is often done by less experienced players who are too inexperienced/too scared to know that they should be pushing with the team if possible

- Another variant of the camper is the camping  armchair commander/general. Its a camper that tells the team what they should and shouldn't do


How to avoid this common mistake


DO for Everyone except TDs

- Avoid camping in general. If the team isnt holding/spotting anything, the same team would die without killing an enemy tank


DO for Sniper TDs

- Avoid staying in one spot for the whole game. If you aren't shooting anything, you aren't doing your team any favors. Relocate, Reposition, Take Cover and keep that great gun of yours singing.


DONT for Everyone

- Avoid camping. Keep pushing if necessary. Don't stay in one place for the whole match. Every place and every position has a time for everything. If you aren't doing anything useful in that position, move to the next until you win


Common Mistake #4

The Corner/Hill poker

- Generally done by players who have grasped the gams already, these players overestimate their mobility/gun depression. This mistake is often seen in mid tiers and sometimes high tiers who overestimate their armour/gun depression/mobility and instead of getting back to cover without taking damage, they instead pay for it heavily in hitpoints.


How to avoid this common mistake

DO For everyone

- Take time to know your tank's strengths, weaknesses, what it can do and what it can't do. 

- Avoid poking corners if there are a lot of enemy tanks (specifically: heavies, permatrack meds, big gun TDs) on the other side of the corner. There are smarter ways to get shots from the enemy. 

- If you need to take shots SIDESCRAPE, SIDESCRAPE, SIDESCRAPE! This is one of the best ways to take shots and bounce a lot of incoming fire. For more information about sidescraping, here's a link to a well written guide abour sidescraping by FallingGround 



DONT For everyone

- Poke with the sides of your tank, whatever tank it is. Never ever EVER show your side to the enemy. 

- Avoid poking corners if you spot something before you poke the corner side on

- Never poke hills if you don't have enough gun depression/turret armour. 


Alright tankers

If you've read this and reached this part of the guide, congratulations! You've now know what mistakes you should avoid. As always, thanks for reading and good luck on the battlefield!




For future suggestions and feedback, comment down below and I will edit any spelling/grammar errors. 


So what sort of sophisticated writing can I put on here with this oh so fancy font?


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Laz_Diesalot #2 Posted 24 March 2017 - 10:57 AM


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Another one is getting behind a teammate and stopping them reversing back into cover after taking a shot.  You get them hit or killed.

This especially applies to getting behind people like me, who if they survive it, are rather likely to get behind YOU and see how much you like being held out in the open under enemy fire....



InvisibleShadow #3 Posted 25 March 2017 - 11:08 AM

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Another common mistake by newbies/noobs: When they are in a heavy tank and get CoD by enemy light/medium, they just stop moving and begin turning only their turret to chase light/med and of course they die



InvisibleShadow #4 Posted 25 March 2017 - 11:08 AM

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oops accidentally repeat post 

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S4ad12 #5 Posted 25 March 2017 - 12:46 PM


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Great topic. Now if you could just get this message to every language forum and in the game because obviously many people dont go to the forum so it would be useless. Lets say, getting it to everyone by WG having to post this in the game news section because people do go there and it's in-game too so many people will be able to read it and it could make the game better for everyone.

Neb10k #6 Posted 26 April 2017 - 02:26 AM


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Great guide

Cboys_work #7 Posted 12 June 2017 - 04:09 AM


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Can we add, don't try and use your light or medium as a td. Especially if you're taking up a good spot which a td team mate could and would use. 

Diamond114 #8 Posted 12 June 2017 - 07:40 AM


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How about people getting caught by tank fanboyism?

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"Nothing is right in tactics. A good fighter pilot must be free to propose improvements to his tactics or he will get himself killed." - Cmdr. Randy "Duke" Cunningham, USN.


"To be a good fighter pilot, there's only one prime requisite; Think Fast, and Act Faster" - John Trevor Godfrey, 336 Sqn RAF

RainbowSword #9 Posted 10 July 2017 - 01:12 PM


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I really don't hate newbies because I used to be one. I even tell them how to play in PM, what they replied is 'stfu' :)

Stats Really Do Not Matters!

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PEACEOFWAR #10 Posted 01 August 2017 - 11:18 PM


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Spotting for team & team turns other way& hides ..hehe always fun then

bigben21 #11 Posted 02 August 2017 - 03:40 PM

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Please do not stay in the open when you are reloading. I was guilty of this too in the past. Simple logic but need to be reminded.


Still see many not taking cover while reloading and just sit there for the enemies to slaughter. :justwait:


Another thing please, please do not just camp if you are a td. Move when u have no target and stay at the edge and behind your team close enough to make a few good damages to your enemy tanks. :izmena:

bigben21 #12 Posted 02 August 2017 - 03:49 PM

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Oh btw when you are brawling, and shouted for help. Your teammate came to assist you. But unlike you who is already brawling in the open, your teammate took cover while reloading. You continue to drawl in the open and is dead. That teammate of yours isn't "inactivity in battle" or "unsporting conduct", so please do not be salty and give a thumb down and shout "noob" and rage on him..... :angry:





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