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Is sniping in a TD wrong?

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SilencerMuto #21 Posted 22 January 2017 - 09:46 AM


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the way I play TD's. Game start find best spot you can cover your team. when they scout and detect enemy tank then i start to move to get better chances to get good shots. keep on moving with team just enough to be undetected. sometimes i play near frontline with heavies. stay behind heavies shoot when enemy shot the heavies. Near frontline you need to know enemy tank position. if you only see 2 tank that meant 5 tank maybe support that 2 tank. keep my eyes on minimap all the time.

bigben21 #22 Posted 11 April 2017 - 05:48 AM


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View PostXx_Bullet_xX, on 12 January 2017 - 10:44 AM, said:

Hey guys.. I was playing in my RHM -B WT, and I was sniping, like I usually do in my TD's. My team quickly crumbled why I tried to get shots on enemies attacking my team mates. Unfortunately I didn't have a great game, and missed a few shots :(.. Here is a replay of the said battle... 


(I understand I didn't have a good game.)


Just my 2 cents worth.


You started the game by requesting your team mates to move left. If you look at your team composition you have more slower tanks, and likewise for the enemy. So very likely they will also go to the town. Hence your team mates were hesitant in following you, and they went right instead.


Unfortunately the hero T44 went alone to the left and the 2 tds followed. Bad move in my opinion. To the T44 - Seriously fight alone? Even if mt wanna do scouting, he must do it with mates behind to support and not away from them.You can see at one point you guys were all over the place.


Instead of supporting your mates on the right on top the hill you chose the spot and you stayed there ever since the game started. Frankly you are not effective there for at least 2 reasons. 

1) You were too far, you are likely to miss your targets when they make the slightest movement 

2) there were too many buildings infront of you, good cover for the enemies, and rendering your spot a bad choice for sniping in that given situation 


IMO, most tds especially those with weaker amour, and slow speed play quite a passive role in the game. They play a more supportive role rather than an active one. Instead of tds choosing spot, we should look at the composition of the team to decide where to move to, and tds follow behind to support. Tds should Stay far enough to stay alive but near enough to make good and effective shots at your enemies..... But I think many choose to stay as far as possible. Hence, your decision to stick to the left and the spot may not be the best option given the situation. 


The fact that you have already missed 3-4 shots at the spot, and yet you were reluctant to move, also did not make you an effective team player. I think many tds make the same mistake of sticking to one position and not moving when necessary. I think to be an effective support vehicle, tds should try to stay close enough to the team and move when the team moves, or move when it becomes necessary E.g when you see a chance to make a kill or when you do not have targets.





star_sword2000 #23 Posted 11 April 2017 - 08:54 AM


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nope. i used to take 2 to 3 shots in my jp2, relocate, then take a few more, shotgun a dude, then retreat for more sniping. as long as you always have targets that u can shoot, ur fine. if u don't , it might be time to go shotgun or relocate.


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