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How to play with german tanks?

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sob2545 #1 Posted 01 November 2014 - 03:37 PM


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 I heard that german tank is best at WW2. So I bought Tiger1, Jpanther, panther1. But all of them are suck. It's frontal armor and damage are so weak, and IS, KV3 and T29's frontal armor are so thick that I can't blow out them. Beside Tiger's speed is slow to run awat from them. And it is too hard to match tea time degree. Please give me advice. T.T


P.S What is the best tank at Xtier?

CarvinMarvin #2 Posted 01 November 2014 - 09:02 PM


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The advantage the German tanks have is in their guns. They are accurate. Aim for the weak spots and more often than not you are going to hit and go through. And that accuracy means you can start hitting those weak spots earlier than the other nations. There is a reason those Russian tanks charge towards you to fight.







And honestly, maxed out the Tiger I is fast for a heavy, especially compared to the T29 which I had times when I couldn't catch up to a T95 to give it a shove.

If you are trying to slug it out shot for shot, nose to nose against the enemy heavies, then quite frankly you are doing it wrong. Especially with the Panther. You want flank and rear shots. If they aren't just giving them to you then it is your responsibility to get to somewhere where you can take them anyway.




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