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About the current Training Room exploit and its resolution

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Delutece #1 Posted 16 June 2016 - 09:32 AM


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Dear tankers,


This is Delutece speaking, your devoted Asia Producer.

Please allow me to intervene on the current topic regarding the Training Rooms exploit, and the resolution we decided to take globally to solve this issue.
Reference article.


We are receiving more and more complaints from players asking for visibility about what has been taken from them.

I will be honest and frank on this topic: we won't communicate with each player what have been withdrawn from their account, and you will have to trust us on this.
The items (silver, tanks, consumables, etc.) that have been withdrawn via this script are only things acquired through this exploit.

Nothing more.


This is a first message to give a bit of visibility on this and explain to the angriest of you that we simply took off what has been acquired through non-conventional way (basically, cheating...), and that we are not taking further drastic actions such as banning though we could have done so.


Also, it is important to note that we took action as soon as we found out about this exploit and reacted in a timely fashion to prevent having more and more people using this exploit and potentially put the economy of the server at risk.


To illustrate how dangerous this exploit was and the impact on the economy, I will soon send in this thread some examples of the biggest exploits done by a few of you. (do not worry, no IGN will be disclosed).

We are gathering data at the moment.


I hope you can understand a bit better the situation now, and I really count on your understanding.

We are not, in any way, messing up with your accounts and just keeping things safe and stable.







PS: I am locking this thread to keep it clean and informative. This is not a debate.

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