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Important Notice - Account Selling - Buying - Sharing

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Elite911 #1 Posted 10 June 2016 - 03:18 PM

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Recently we've had a few reports regarding people giving out accounts or trying to obtain them. The players who have done this have been issued a permanent game ban. We will not disclose the names of the players due to privacy reasons.


Account selling and buying goes against the EULA (the game rules) of the server. If you are found doing it, even jokingly, a permanent game ban will be issued to your account. Demanding for accounts will also result in a permanent ban.

Account sharing is allowed but not recommended. For your security we ask that you don't at all share accounts.


If you see anyone asking for accounts immediately screenshot it for evidence and report it straight to me or through to Support. Wargaming will never ask for accounts.


Please do not give in to the ways that people will do to try and obtain your account, always be cautious.  Never give out your password to anyone or to any non-official Wargaming websites.


If you have given out your account and lost in-game items, Support will not help in any loss that has happened to your account, such as tanks, gold, credits, etc. If your account has been banned due to someone else using it, the same rule applies, Support will not lift the ban. Your account is your responsibility.





If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to PM me.
For gameplay advice, try the WG Wiki or ask on the forums.
For reporting players, appealing bans, financial issues, etc, please contact Support. You can also report players to me, make sure you provide evidence, such as screenshots or a video.
WoT Blitz game and forum rules can be found here: Game Rules - Forum Rules.

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